Anti Money Laundering (AML-PRISM™)

AML refers to a comprehensive management system that links the judicial, financial, and international cooperation to detect and prevent illegal money laundering conducted domestically and internationally.

Based on the above, each financial institution must check its customers (KYC: customer confirmation, watch list filtering, etc.) and report STR (Suspected transaction) and CTR (High cash transaction) to the Financial Information Analysis Agency through transaction pattern analysis.

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Risk Based Approach (RBA-PRISM™)

This is a policy for risk assessment and management related to money laundering by deriving risk factors and preparing management measures to constantly reduce threat, and for self-evaluating 190 indicators set by the Financial Intelligence Agency(FIU) and reporting the results to the Financial Intelligence Agency(FIU) every quarter.

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Watch List Filtering (WLF-PRISM™)

As a fundamental principle, all customers who request real-name verification financial transactions are subject to sanction list filtering.

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