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    Financial Compliance

    Product Key Features

    Compliance Total Solution ProviderOCTA Only
    - Performance, Easy of Use, End User Workload Minimization
    In House developed High Performance Rule EngineOCTA Only
    - Fast response time for complex analysis
    Unique Packaging technology (Modular Architecture)OCTA Only
    - Shorten Implementation time (by 50%~60% comparing with other competitors)
    - Scenarios creation/change and maintenance simplified (providing business support)
    -> Modular architecture : non-alterable engine and editable according to customers requests or other circumstances parts made as customized modules
    Related laws & regulations compliance certified by reputable legal firm (Lee & Ko)OCTA Only
    - Misinterpretation or legal regulations prevention
    The best & the most technical expertise in compliance areaThe Best & The Most
    - No records of project completion delay, most projects implementation were completed earlier than agreed
    - Proactive business support approach
    Provide e-Manual for every solutionOCTA Only
    - Education of compliance team and other departments employees
    Aug 2016
    Recognized as ‘ICT prospective SW development support program’ by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
    Research Subject : CRS system for Interstate automatic financial information exchange
    2 patent applications are pending