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    Thank you for visiting OCTASolution, the company customers can trust.

    Vision and Mission


    “OCTASolution is a company that is specialized in developing and selling financial compliance solutions”

    “Our company is growing as an enterprise based on advanced technologies and shared business, achieving the 1st rank globally in the area of the law-abiding solution software development”


    “OCTASolution is a company “aiming to offer to our customers ‘Compliance Issue Free’ business environment developing law-abiding business solutions based on RegTech (Regulatory Technology) and with the appliance of developed by our stuff AI/RULE and Big Data technologies.

    Key Competencies(Company Value)

    • Provides all range compliance solutions : AML&RBA / FATCA&CRS / FDS / corruption monitoring, company audit and internal control
    • RegTech Leadership
    • Inhouse developed high performance RULE-Engine and RPA technology
    • Unique development framework and solution packaging technology : OIF (OCTA Intelligent Framework) and Modular Packaging used specifically for financial law-abiding business development
    • Effective Big Data Analysis Know How
    • The best human resources in business and software developmentthat have rich experience in development solutions for financial business and law-abiding support
    • Provides all solution with a digital e-Manual solution.
    • OCTASolution was awarded R&D support fund as of ‘ICTprospective SW development support program’ by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (USD 800K) Research Subject : Development of CRS system to implement Interstate automatic financial information exchange (2 patent applications are pending)
    • Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning ICT Promising Enterprise K-Global300 award
    • Awarded Grand Prize of Digital Innovation Award by government of Republic of Korea