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    CEO Message

    Technology driven,
    a leading RegTech company

    Financial environment is rapidly moving to complicacy, digitalization, globalization due to increase in international financial transactions and new financial services model development in FinTech business spreading. At the same time various risks increase due to exposure to different financial crimes. As a result supervisory institutions’ are facing new rules and changes in existing regulations, they are going forward following the unknown until now high intensity roads. Additionally it is because of the requirements about regulations and data transfer and its violation – there is no easy way to handle it except getting big finance risk fines for financial punishing and imposing fines.

    For more effective actions in these business and regulation environment changes, further intellectualization, raising necessity of preventive support solutions coming before automatization. Especially FinTech companies are able to offer this support due to their kind of activities’ specialty. The new concept sympathically called RegTech (RegTech: Regulatory Technology) requires cost effective reformatory solutions flexibly responding to changes.

    OctaSolution is a company that has overgrown local Korean market and as a leading RegTech company in Asia/Pacific ocean area used RegTech technology applications for the products. Our company is developing new products using artificial intelligence and block chain technologies. All executives and stuff members of OctaSolution devote themselves to continuous development of new technologies and Korean RegTech industry, our company’s products are leading ones. As a result we promise to become your best partner making business environment a cost effective “Compliance Risk Free” one.

    OCTASolution CEO